I haven't enjoyed dance classes so much for a long time. I appreciate your way of teaching - paying attention to the technical details that are usually neglected. Mastering dancing requires a lot of practice and work (as anything else) to get to the point when one can really enjoy it. Thank you for your professionalism.
I look forward to your lessons next year.

Over the years, I've taken private and group lessons from many different ballroom teachers. Ivy is by far the most knowledgable and the most engaging. I can't believe how much I've learned in just one year.

I love Ballroom Dancing with Ivy. Ivy's patience, clear presentation methods, and personable approach make her classes exceptional and enjoyable for people of all ages. In the three short months that I have studied with Ivy, I have admired her professionalism and clearly evident love of dancing. Ivy is committed to her students' improvement as she always encourages us to practice as much as possible and reminds us to focus on proper dancing technique while having fun at the same time. The atmosphere in Ivy's classes is always positive, relaxed, and inspiring. I never feel out of place there. Ivy's ebullient and friendly personality as well as her competence make her the dance instructor in Guelph and area. I highly recommend her classes to anyone, and especially to those who are still hesitating. Thank you, Ivy!

Thank you so much for the lessons. You are an excellent teacher! YOU make dance fun.

Elegance through motion