More Reasons to Choose Ballroom Dancing with Ivy

  • Extremely competent professional instructor with Fellowship certifications from prestigious, professional organizations such as the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing, England and the Canadian DanceSport Federation
  • The only certified dance instructor in the area offering a comprehensive, graded system of training in accordance with international standards
  • Proven track record; 30 years of dedicated and successful service to the community
  • Possess the necessary pedagogical skills to provide instruction to young children
  • Highly qualified to coach students for Amateur Medallist Tests, Professional Certificationsand DanceSport Competitions

About Ivy Le Maguer

IvyIvy was initially trained as a food chemist, having graduated, with Distinction, a Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Food Science. However, her love and passion for dancing brought her to study ballroom dancing with the same dedication and devotion. Teaching ballroom dancing proves to be one of the most fulfilling decisions of her life when she sees the joy, happiness and confidence that dancing has brought to the lives of so many of her students.

To obtain her British dance professional certifications, Ivy studied in England with Elizabeth Romain (Surrey, U.K.) and Anne Lingard (Kent, U.K.), two of the world's leading technicians in Ballroom and Latin American dancing. As a teenager, Elizabeth Romain studied with the world's famous Alex Moore, the pioneer of the internationally acclaimed British Ballroom Techniques and Syllabus. Anne Lingard is a highly respected Fellow member and international examiner with the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing, U.K.

For her Canadian professional certifications, she was under the expert guidance of Norman Côté and later, Pierrette Chartier of Montreal. Ms. Chartier is the technical committee chairperson of the Modern Ballroom and Latin American Dance Syllabus of the Canadian DanceSport Federation. Both were trained in England and are esteemed to be the forerunners of Ballroom and Latin American Dancing in Canada.

With Fellowship certifications from both the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing, U.K. and the Canadian DanceSport Federation, Ivy is a dancesport adjudicator and one of the most highly qualified professional dance instructors. Ivy is a firm believer in continous professional development in order to ensure the highest quality and most up-to-date syllabus for her students. An active full-time professional teaching member of both prestigious organisations, she regularly attends professional workshops and congresses at home and abroad. Ivy is also currently the professional dance instructor of the University of Waterloo Ballroom Dance Club.

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